A Diva’s Reel Features the Mollie Thomas for title of Miss California



ACM:  Tell our readers something about yourself.

MOLLIE:  One aspect of my life that is very unique is that I grew up on a horse farm, and was home schooled for the majority of my education. When I was young, my home base was a very small town, but I was always bouncing all over the world with my father.

ACM:  Why did you enter the Miss California pageant?

MOLLIE:  Running for Miss California, USA is a completely unexpected turn in my life, but I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity. I was approached by a recruiter in early September and given the chance to run openly as a lesbian in the 2012 pageant, it was not something I could turn down! Being involved in the pageant is allowing me to fulfill an early childhood dream of being a beauty queen.  As well as being an inspiration and community leader in promoting equality and acceptance. Some of my main goals are to break down the stereotypes that are so often placed on lesbians, confront gay bullying, and at the same time create a more positive LGBTQ visibility in society.

ACM:  Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

MOLLIE:  I have an endless list of people who inspire and motivate me, but it’s my grandmother who inspires me in ways that no one else can. My grandma is an eternal ball of energy, and is always the first one to criticize or praise me, whichever is appropriate. She is also a dedicated activist, and has been actively involved in the LGBTQ community for many years. I can only hope that when I’m her age I can have the same fire inside me.

ACM:  What is beauty according to you?

MOLLIE:  I believe that “Beauty” is often confused with “Pretty”, because I think that they are two very different things. The way I like to see it is that “pretty” refers to external qualities, but “beauty” comes from someone’s heart. To me, the most beautiful people are those who are gracious, selfless, and compassionate.

ACM:  What is the one quality you feel that is required for the pageant?

MOLLIE:  Running for Miss California, USA requires so many qualities, and most of them go far beyond appearance. However, I think that one of the most important qualities, at least for me, is dedication. There is so much that goes into preparing for the pageant. I have had to commit myself, mind, body, and soul into becoming the best possible version of myself, inside and out. 

ACM:  How will pageant competition help you develop as a person?

MOLLIE:  I think my participation in Miss California, USA is helping me develop as a person in ways that I would never have expected. Of course there is incredible motivation to get in the best shape of my life, so I’ve gone vegan, and quit all of my unhealthy habits. But I think being involved in such a big picture is also making me focus on aspects of my life that I have taken for granted, I’m in a position where I have to step back and honestly face the good, bad, and ugly of myself, in order to get on that stage and know that I am at my best.

ACM:  If you win the crown for Miss California how would you use your title to benefit others?

MOLLIE:  If I win the title of Miss California, USA not only will it be a huge step for the LGBTQ community, but I will be given the opportunity to speak out on major issues like bullying and marriage equality. I hope to not only become a positive role model for today’s youth, but take on a more involved role in the fight for equality.

ACM:  What is your definition of success?

MOLLIE:  I think that success is defined differently by everyone. I see happiness as the base of success. So many different things can factor into being “successful” but for me, if I’m happy with where I am and what I’m doing, I’m successful.

ACM:  Where can our readers find you on the web? 

MOLLIE: The best places to keep up with my campaign are:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MollieThomasForMissCA 
Twitter: @MollieForMissCA
If you are interested in becoming more involved in my campaign you can help out by donating on the Fundrazr tab of my Facebook page, or by emailing me directly at MollieForMissCA@gmail.com.



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