A Diva’s Reel Features the Curvy Fashionista Marie Denee



1.     What inspired you to become a fashion writer?

I actually stumbled into it! I have always enjoyed writing, but I never thought that my path would have led me into blogging and writing as a career! 

 2.     Which tools do you turn to most when updating yourself with the latest fashion trends?

 I am always online, on the computer and internet perusing the latest trend reports, look books, and fashion blogs to keep an eye on the latest! A lot of times I get sent emails and announcements that keep me up to date and I attend quite a few events! 


3.     Mention some of the negative aspects of our industry and what we should do to make them better?

 Every industry has its opportunities. There could always be more coverage of the plus size community. I also think that as a whole, the plus size community has a far ways to go in terms of business models, designers, and retailers. I could not pinpoint out one specific issue- as there are quite a few but that does not make them independent of any other niche within the fashion community… you know what I mean?


 4.     When identifying top talent from a pool of aspiring designers what do search for when evaluating their pieces and which personal attributes do you feel they need to possess to increase their success rate in our industry?

I look for a defined style aesthetic, innovation, and quality. Do they deliver something that we have not seen before? Do they have a business platform that will support their brand? Website, social media presence? All of these in some sort of fashion are indicators! If you are a business or trying to start one up, if you do not present yourself as such or have contact information, how are we to receive you and support? I also think that there has to be a distinct voice and accessibility. Just because you make it does not mean they will come… SO for the new designers, do not be afraid to reach out and engage! 

5.     Marie, you have done many great things this year, tell us about some of the projects and events you have worked on or been a part of this year?

Ohhh… let’s see! LOL At the beginning of the year, I worked on a social media campaign with Chevy as their Fashion Cruzearati. I am part of the production team for Full Figured Fashion Week, and we held our 3rd FFFWeek in NY! In August, I was sent to Las Vegas for WWD MAGIC tradeshow! That was amazing! Most recently, I launched my eBook, Keeping it Curvy.Confident.Chic!

6.     Please share with our readers about your upcoming E book?

It just launched on Tuesday, November 8th and it is a little guide that serves as an intro into the plus size fashion world! Kind of like a precursor to shopping! I talk about the ins and outs, the designers, the denim, and everything in between! The goal is to help prepare you to go shopping with confidence! 

7.     Are you working on any additional projects?

I have a few! You will have to stay tuned! I am working on my 3rd year celebration in December and the party in January! 

8.     You have made a meaningful contribution to the full figured industry.   Your presence and support is unparalleled, with the knowledge you have gained, what advice would you give to a full figured woman who may be interested in a career as a model or fashion designer?

Well, thank you so much for the recognition! I am extremely grateful for that! I think one of the most important pieces you can remember is to handle your business. Do your research,

Well, thank you so much for the recognition! I am extremely grateful for that! I think one of the most important pieces you can remember is to handle your business.  Do your research, protect your intellectual property, and stay humble! There are so many people who have been in the game who have paved the way for us to be here! Research, research, and research- this is for models and designers alike! you do not want to be called out because you did not do your research and end up stepping on the wrong toes, getting into business with a shady character, or ripping off a design or brand! 

9.     2011 is coming to a close and has been filled with ground breaking events and unforgettable moments, name three of your treasured memories so far this year and tell us why they are ones you will cherish?

There are so many! I cannot name just three, but I can say that I have been extremely blessed with the amazing women and supporters around me! 

10.  What can we expect for you in the future and where can our readers find you on the web?

You know what? I am not even sure I know what to expect from and for me! LOL, I think I will continue to grow and expand as a brand, and connect with amazing women who are doing their thing! If I can help someone, reach someone, inspire one person to chase their dreams… I have already succeeded! I am truly grateful!!! You can find me at Thecurvyfashionista.net and at www.curvyconfidentchic.com!  


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A Clothes Mind has taken artistic talents and paired them with a knack for fashion. A Clothes Mind has taken artistic talents and paired them with a knack for fashion. The mastery of designs featured on A Clothes Mind are geared towards women in its couture element with dresses, pant suits, two pieces & evening gowns where one would think they are the Cinderella of the Ball. “Solace” clothing line was birthed in 2005 so that women can feel comfortable in being able to express & wear their feminine qualities. The latest clothing line, “Margaux Kouture” which launched in January 2011 demonstrates brilliantness for high fashion clothing styles which includes evening gowns and party dresses that exhibits glitz and glam. Whether you are a fashion celebrity or a “Social Diva”, Margaux Kouture will exhibit the glitz and glam on and off the red carpet. Visit our website @ www.aclothesmind.com

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