The Glamorous Romi Klinger talks with us about Casa Por Vida






ACM: How did you come up with the name of your previous jewelry line, Hija Por Vida and why?

ROMI: Hija was the first collection Vanessa and I did for Love and Pride. We wanted to do a line inspired by our mothers. A line about being daughters. That every piece of jewelry is special and collected. We named the line Hija Por Vida which means daughter for life. We are two proud Mexican girls. Hija has been doing so well on an amazing site with so many beautiful designers. The best part is some of the proceeds go back to different LGBT charities. I have recently started my own line called Casa Por Vida and have a new Exclusive collection with Love and Pride and have launching this month. This line was and is inspired for my father.  


ACM: Are your jewelry pieces one of a kind or can you recreate each piece the same?

ROMI: Each Piece is handmade and each piece looks a little different. I made each piece in My Casa Por Vida collection for someone in my family. I named each piece after a family member and used my father’s Mexican roots as inspiration. This collection is very Mexican Gypsy. A girl who is traveling through life and taking special pieces with her along the way. 


ACM: What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

ROMI: This is a way for me to feel close to my father. He passed away a few years ago from cancer. My father is Mexican and my mother is German. I’m so inspired by all the colors and Mexican traditions. I get to research and learn about that part of me with Casa Por Vida. 


ACM: How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

ROMI: Depends on the piece. They take more time than one would think. It’s fun though and Love to make jewelry and love to wear jewelry


ACM: Where do you get your inspiration?

ROMI: My dad is the biggest. His Mexican roots. The colors of the houses in Mexico.  The skulls from are inspired by the dead of the dead and the layered look of the line is inspired by gypsies. 


ACM: If you could sum up your look and aesthetic in three words, what would they be and why?

ROMI: Mexican- Gypsy- Daughter


ACM: What gives you the most pleasure in your (enviable) career?

ROMI: Doing what I love and making my mom and Dad proud. Showing myself and others what can happen when you take control of your life and go after your dreams


ACM: How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

ROMI: I have fun with fashion. I always have. I don’t take it too serious even though it is one of the biggest loves of my life. Lol Be creative and find who you are in it all. I love colors and layered jewels and big accessories. With me less is not always more. 🙂 My style icon is Edie Sedgwick!


ACM: Where can readers and fans purchase your jewelry and contact you?

ROMI: I can be contacted at  You can get my exclusive collection on and this month my website goes up Also I do a Blog called You can see all my inspirations there and keep updated with events and new pieces. 


 Check out these amazing pieces for Casa Por Vida!



A Clothes Mind is a huge supporter of the Real L Word  and hope that you will return for Season 3 . We absolutely enjoyed  watching your jewelry come to life on the show in Season 2.  Your pieces are classic and definitely will not lose its style.  We find it to be a clever choice to  market your jewelry by becoming your very own walking billboard. We were glad to come out and be a part of the  premiere of Casa Por Vida. Much love and continued success to you, we’re sure there’s much more to come.

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