A Diva’s Reel Features Jimella Johnson



This Bedazzling Diva, Jimella, Reigns Candy All Around the World !!!


How did you get your start in jewelry designing and what have you learned over the course of being a designer?

I got started after getting let go from the mortgage industry. I had more time on my hands to focus on more of my hobbies, jewelry making being one of them obviously. After getting so much attention from my creations I decided to start selling them. I’ve learned that being original is about more than setting yourself apart from others but it’s also about maintaining integrity and displaying originality.

The name of your jewelry line is Ear Candy Couture,  however the original name was  Je Ne Sais Quoi Jewels, how did you come up with that name and why?

A friend of mine a came up with the name after seeing something in a department store that reminded her of candy and ultimately came up with the name Ear Candy Couture. The original name just wasn’t good for business. It was too hard to pronounce and spell which meant people would not be able to Google or find me online if need be.

You possess many accomplishments as a jewelry designer with sales internationally as well as many celebs sporting your jewelry, how did you get your break into that?

 I started off by promoting my pieces via YouTube, which allowed me to bring recognition to Ear Candy Couture from people in other countries. As far as the celebrities my first was Jillian Barberie, TV Personality from FOX 11 Good Day L.A. My sister’s boyfriend knew the camera man at the time and he was able to provide jewels to her, which she loved. Ultimately it led to ECC being featured on her Style File segment.

Who are some of the celebrities which have been seen wearing your jewels? Vivica Fox, Raven Symone, Antonia “Toya” Wright (previously Carter), Tameka “Tiny’ Cottle of BET’s Tiny & Toya, Kandi Burrus was seen wearing them on Real Housewives of ATL, and more recently Aubrey O’Day (formerly of Danity Kane) and Lisa Raye was seen wearing them on Vh1’s Single Ladies

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design? Being original and doing something so different from what others are doing .

Where do you get your inspiration?  Everyone and everything inspires me. I will see someone’s outfit and think if she had some earrings that look like this, or had this certain color stone on her earrings it would be hot. That’s the thing about fashion, you should be inspired by the littlest things
If you could sum up your look and aesthetic in three words, what would they be and why?

 Setting the trend…ECC is all about setting trends, being different and original, but yet fabulous! I’m about setting trends, not following them!

Now you just released your last collection entitled “ Alter Ego”, tell us about that.

I just recently returned from vacation and came back with a whole new mindset on new things to do. I noticed that all the pieces that I was designing had “bad girl” themes to them. My boyfriend actually came to me with the Alter Ego idea. Every woman has an “inner sexy” that want to release so I gave the earrings names that are synonymous to an alter ego or things that an alter ego would be interested in (i.e. Bad Girl, Chained Up, Boss Chick)

 Where can readers find out more about you and your work? I can be found on twitter; www.twitter.com/earcandycouture; Facebook: www.facebook.com/earcandycouture; and of course my website: www.earcandycouture.com 




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A Clothes Mind has taken artistic talents and paired them with a knack for fashion. A Clothes Mind has taken artistic talents and paired them with a knack for fashion. The mastery of designs featured on A Clothes Mind are geared towards women in its couture element with dresses, pant suits, two pieces & evening gowns where one would think they are the Cinderella of the Ball. “Solace” clothing line was birthed in 2005 so that women can feel comfortable in being able to express & wear their feminine qualities. The latest clothing line, “Margaux Kouture” which launched in January 2011 demonstrates brilliantness for high fashion clothing styles which includes evening gowns and party dresses that exhibits glitz and glam. Whether you are a fashion celebrity or a “Social Diva”, Margaux Kouture will exhibit the glitz and glam on and off the red carpet. Visit our website @ www.aclothesmind.com

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