Who’s that Girl? Samantha Davis January 2011



Samantha Davis


Born in Fremont, California (San Francisco Bay Area), Samantha Davis had a dream at the early age of 5 of becoming a model. As a child, Samantha participated in various small fashion shows, but at the age of 15 she told her parents that she wanted to take it further. Samantha’s parents, having all faith in her decisions in life took the step to enroll Samantha in Barbizon School of Modeling in San Francisco, California. At this school, Samantha learned numerous modeling techniques, and got a clearer insight into the modeling industry. After graduating from Barbizon, Samantha continued her perseverance and attended Lights Camera Action (L.C.A.) in San Francisco, California.

Throughout her teen years she participated in numerous fashion shows. When it came time for Samantha to graduate from high school, she still had the dream of becoming a model. Samantha had a few softball scholarships at various Universities around the country leading all the way to Florida. Samantha chose to pursue her education in Southern California, knowing that she could also pursue her modeling career in this area as well. Samantha also made a promise to her parents that she wouldn’t take modeling too seriously until after completing her education. Samantha kept this promise and after receiving her M.S. in Special Education, B.S. in Liberal Studies and 2 teaching credentials (General and Special Education), she moved to Hollywood, California in order to pursue her dream of becoming a plus-size model.

Samantha has done a lot of modeling work as far as print and runway.  She began her career as a runway model and is pushing her way into doing more print work. As far as runway, she has done numerous shows. But, a few more well-known runway shows you may have seen her in include Jessica Simpsons “The Price of Beauty” on VH1; the televised finale runway show, where Samantha was dressed as a Ugandan woman hitting the runway.  In this show, Jessica had models representing women from the different countries that she had visited during her show in order to see the perspectives from different cultures of what beauty means to them.  In Uganda, the bigger women are seen as being beautiful.Samantha also modeled in Steve Harvey’s Hoodie Awards fashion show for Nephew Tommy’s (Thomas Miles) new denim line called “Big Luv Denim”.  This event was a televised fashion show located in Las Vegas, Nevada.Finally, Samantha also participated in Los Angeles’ first ever Full Figured Fashion week(end) fashion show produced by Gwen Devoe and Devoe Signature Events.

Samantha has also modeled on Punch Television with Runway Rhythm and done many other shows from Los Angeles to Miami.For print work, she has been featured in a few magazines including Plus Model Magazine and Beauty Come Forth Magazine.  You can also find Samantha in various catalogs.

One Bible verse that has helped Samantha with being so persistent in life is Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” That is what she lives her life by. Samantha wants to show others that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. As a child, Samantha wasn’t a small girl, and didn’t have many public figures of plus-size to look up to. Through entering the entertainment industry as a plus-size woman, Samantha wants to be a positive example of how you can be beautiful all over, not just have a “pretty face.” 🙂

To contact Samantha, you can e-mail her at samanthadavisplusmodel@gmail.com and also view her at the following websites:Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/823728Plus Size Industry Professionals: http://plussizeindustry.com/Samanthadavis/catid_3/

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